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Experienced leasing and letting specialists

We are a real estate agency with years of experience in the leasing and letting of part-furnished and/or furnished homes. We are the ultimate specialist in finding suitable homes for people coming to live and work temporarily in the Netherlands. Our mission is not to be the biggest, but to be one of the best. This objective has enabled us to keep on growing for many years.


Every day we serve a network of international businesses and organisations. We have mainly helped find homes for expats posted to the Netherlands for short or long periods.

Reliable NVM quality

What makes us unique is that we are members of the NVM (Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Experts), which of course means we must comply with the rules set by the NVM. All too often, furnished lettings agents are small players – the cowboy real estate agents you read about in the papers. They often take payment from both parties, so you the client do not know whether the real estate agent has specifically served your interests. This is completely inadmissible for us and therefore absolutely forbidden. You can rest assured that for us, the client's interests are paramount.

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If you're looking for a reliable agent specialising in the leasing and letting of part-furnished and/or furnished homes, you've come to the right place. Contact us (click here), with no obligation whatsoever, for more information.