Renting a home as an expat

We are a real estate agency with years of experience in the leasing and letting of part-furnished and/or furnished homes. We are the ultimate specialist in finding suitable homes for people coming to live and work temporarily in the Netherlands. Our mission is not to be the biggest, but to be one of the best. This objective has enabled us to keep on growing for many years.

Our service

You can rely on expert advice and proactive support when you come to us to rent a home. We take into account your specific property requirements and budget and protect your interests when looking for your temporary home. We have the market knowledge and resources to find the right home for you in the most sensible way. We operate in both the leasing and the letting market, to get the very best result for you.

Our owners are mostly private individuals. The rental conditions are chiefly determined by the owners, in consultation with our office, and comply with market conditions.

We keep a database of properties for the expat community. This database can be accessed via the internet and you can always sign up to our mailing list. Our database is updated daily.

According to the client's preferences, our staff can make a list of suitable properties on our database. They will then make an appointment with the client to visit the properties with one of our advisors.

We provide a certified English translation of the Tenancy Agreement and the General Conditions (information about using the facilities in the home and details of the process for moving in and out).

We are the solution to your search for your ideal temporary home in the Netherlands. Our portfolio contains a huge variety of homes for rent: family homes, villas, apartments, maisonettes and studios, both furnished and semi-furnished. Most of the housing is in and around Amsterdam and Amstelveen. For every one of our clients, we relish the challenge of providing tailor-made advice and leading you to your dream house.

Why Amsterdam Expats?

Our success is mostly thanks to our enthusiastic and capable staff. They are chosen for their integrity, intelligence and ability to understand our clients. They also fully appreciate what it means to move to the other side of the world and so can give relocated families all the support they need with adapting to their new home and environment. Of course, they can also tell them everything they need to know about living in the Netherlands.

Our organisation is totally dedicated to customer service. Our service package is designed so that we can offer our clients every possible help in finding a suitable home.